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Specialist Dental Care for the Infant, Child, Adolescent, and those with Special Needs
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Sedation and General Anaesthesia

Your child's first visit to our practice will involve a consultation with one of our specialist paediatric dentists. It is very rare for any treatment to be done during the first appointment. Dr Wong or Dr Bell will spend time with you and your child to gather as much information about your child's general medical health and oral health as possible. This may include  any family history of dental disease, past treatment experiences and any other particular concerns you may have.  

A full clinical examination will be completed which may include taking some small x-rays. These help to provide a complete picture of your child's dental condition. If your child has previously had x-rays taken, please try to obtain these and bring them to your consultation.

Parents and children are often very anxious about visiting the dentist, particularly if they are aware of an existing problem. It is important for parents to promote a positive experience for this dental visit. Basic information such as "the dentist will count your teeth"  are simple, non-threatening  messages for your child.  

Following a full assessment of your child, Dr Wong or Dr Bell will discuss the various options available to manage your child's dental needs.

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