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Sedation and General Anaesthesia

Many children find it difficult to cope with routine dental care either due to their age, their previous dental or medical experience or the complexity of their treatment needs.  For this reason, Dr Wong or Dr Bell may recommend that your child has their dental treatment completed under sedation or general anaesthesia.  

Our practice has the ability to provide treatment under Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Happy Gas),  or General Anaesthesia.  Following a complete review of your child's medical history and dental condition the specialist paediatric dentist may recommend the use of some type of sedation to facilitate your child's treatment. General anaesthetics are provided under our care at Calvary John James Hospital with the anaesthetic services of a paediatric trained anaesthetist.

It is important to understand that not all types of sedation are suitable for all patients or conditions. Our primary aim is to provide high quality dental care in a safe environment that will facilitate future acceptance of dental care.

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